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Bangor Soap Co.

Fresh Lemon | 3-Pack

Fresh Lemon | 3-Pack

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- 3-Pack of Pure 4.25 oz. Soap Bars, Net 12.75 oz.

- 6 Whole Ingredients

- 100% PURE Essential Oil

- 100% All-Natural Cleanse

- ZERO Preservatives

- ZERO Artificial Fragrances

- ZERO Colorant Dyes or Powders 

Try our 3-Pack of All-Natural, Tallow, Coconut, and Hemp Soap in our fresh Lemon Recipe. These smooth, nourishing bars are packed full of choice quality oils and moisture-rich glycerin for the best in skin care, with all the benefits that come with pure lemon essential oil. These bars are great for cleansing body and hair, any time of day with their fresh scent, and NO fake fragrances, colorants, or powders.

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